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The Energieschmiede Rauch...

was founded in April 2007 by the owner Harry Rauch in Berlin. The purpose of the company is the use of renewable energies with a focus on photovoltaics.

In April 2010, the S.G.N. Projekt GmbH was founded. This was mainly active as a planning company in association with the S.G.N. GmbH.

In June 2013 SGN Projekt GmbH was renamed "ESR GmbH Energieschmiede - Rauch". With this change of name, we are continuing our old tradition of the Rauch energy forge from the founding year 2007 and are still convinced of the decentralized, renewable energy supply with storage and successfully apply all our strength and experience in the projects of our customers.

The founder of the company, Harry Rauch, is a state-certified technician for electrical engineering and business management, and is also an expert for photovoltaic systems (TÜV).
For many years Harry Rauch has been a lecturer at the DGS training courses for PV large-scale power plants. The main focus of the company is on planning, construction management and as a general contractor for the realization of large-scale projects for our customers in the PV sector.

Harry Rauch - CEO
Harry Rauch

Silvio Hauenschild - Project Manager
Silvio Hauenschild