Energieschmiede Rauch

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D – 04668 Grimma bei Leipzig

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Performance in PV + Wind + Storage and Integrated Energy

Project development, preliminary planning, detailed planning

  • Acquisition of land
  • Concept design
  • Approval procedure, development plan, land use plan
  • BImSch procedure, building permit
  • statics
  • Planning work phases 1 - 9 according to HOAI
  • Basic evaluation
  • Preplanning and cost estimation
  • Approval planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Preparation of the award of contract, including determination of quantities and preparation of bills of quantities (BOS)
  • Participation in the allocation including cost estimate
  • Object supervision (construction supervision) and cost determination
  • Property management and documentation

construction management

  • Local construction management to check and adhere to the contractual deliveries and services
  • Meeting the deadline, quality and budget of customer projects


  • We carry out the approvals for investors according to VDE DIN 0100-600 IEC 60364-6, VDE 0126-23
  • We prepare the system documentation according to DIN EN 62446.


  • Mr. Harry Rauch is an expert for photovoltaic systems (TÜV).
  • We provide private expert opinions, arbitration opinions, independent evidence proceedings, main proceedings.

Technical management

  • 24 h system monitoring
  • On-site inspections and maintenance according to DIN EN 62446
  • Fault processing Reaction time within 24 h
  • Preparation of a yield and transaction history including a weather-adjusted target-performance comparison